Emeline Liu

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Migrated to Poole!

I decided to switch over to using Poole, which is a foundation for Jekyll blogs. I had previously committed to making a Github Pages website from scratch

  • because it seemed fun
  • I figured I needed to learn HTML/CSS/web development eventually so I didn’t want to use any pre-packaged tools.

Considering I started from basically nothing, I do feel like I learned a lot about how to make things work. However, I usually find it difficult to teach myself things in a solid, waterproof way. When the going gets rough, I am relatively skilled in duct-taping together a workable solution (and sometimes I’m pretty sure this skill is the only reason I was able to graduate with an engineering degree.). I feel like my website was workable, but not exactly what I wanted. While I suppose I could have doubled down on learning more, I’m not super passionate about web design.

So after a couple build failures with wonky config yml files and other snafus, I am now fully migrated to Poole.